Pond Maintenance

Ponderiffic offers maintenance services for all of our projects and those water features that we did not originally build. Maintenance services are offered for ponds, water gardens, koi ponds, fountains, lakes and streams. We service and maintain ponds over a wide range including the following counties: Riverside, San Bernadino, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego and Imperial. Ponderiffic offers the following types of maintenance agreements:

  1. Monthly Service Contracts
  2. Quarterly Service Contracts
  3. Bi-annual Service Contracts
  4. Annual Cleanouts

Not all of our customers have service agreements in place. Ponderiffic receives calls on a daily basis for some sort of maintenance issue for a given water feature project. A short list of the maintenance calls which we receive include repairs to the following:

  1. Defective pump
  2. Lighting repair
  3. Defective auto fill valves
  4. Defective or broken check or flow control valves
  5. Algae Control

Water Quality

  1. Check pH and adjust if necessary
  2. Check for excessive nitrates, ammonia and phosphorus
  3. Observe algae levels and determine species present in pond, whether populations are above average or not. Provide recommendations on appropriate, sustainable water quality control.
  4. Our trucks are stocked with all the common bacteria varieties and algae control products which Aquascape has to offer. Package sizing is available for the larger pond customers as well. See our online store for details on water quality control products.
  5. For larger ponds and lakes, a full scale Ag Water Suitability analysis is recommended.
  6. Also on larger lakes and ponds our crew tests for B.O.D. or D.O. these are respectively the Biological Oxygen Demand and the Dissolved Oxygen levels of the pond. More on these parameters below.

Misc Items (Leaks and Aquatic Vegetation)

Ponds, waterfalls and all streams are checked for leaks through several methods.

First step is a visual step where pond equipment is checked where external equipment is located. Ponds with skimmers and checked around the skimmers and any fittings adjacent to the skimmers. All wateralls are checked from top to bottom. Pertinent data such as water usage through water bills is crucial here.

The second step occurs when no visual signs of a leak appear after painstaking troubleshooting is complete. This step is commonly called the drain-down test. This is accomplished by having our customer turn off the waterfall and observing the pond water level. Water levels will change daily in a pond with no water fill device. Turn off the water fill valve and the waterfall and your pond will lose not much more than an inch of water daily in the summer and less in cooler times of the year. Losses in excess of this amount signal a leak. During the drain-down test, we observe with help of our on-site customer, the daily losses of water from a pond. When the losses drop to a suitable level then we assume logically that the water is leaking from the water feature at a level above the current water level before the water level stopped dropping. From here, all rock materials are removed from the pond and all edges are examined with a fine-toothed comb so to speak. We have great success with this method.

Once a leak has been identified, the leak is repaired. Ponderiffic is a Firestone Certified Liner Installer and capable of repairing any leak in a pond no matter how big or where it is located.

Aquatic Plant Growth

Our crew will examine the type of aquatic plants growing in the pond and either remove excessive vegetation or point out what needs to be removed. In the event that a particular water feature, lake, koi pond or water garden has an inadequate aquatic plant population, our crew will make recommendations on a proper plant population for the size and purpose of the existing project. We offer the service of planting aquatic plant populations in a project with the purpose of beautifying the project while enhancing the overall water quality of the pond as well. Ponderiffic cultures aquatic plants for re-sale and when we do not have access to a particular pond plant, we have access to virtually any pond plant known to exist through our extensive grower network. We can have almost any plant species onsite within a day or two.

Fish Health and Feed Examination

We will examine the health of fish in the water garden and this is effective on only the smaller ponds. We do not have the ability to track down every fish in larger ponds and thus often treat troubled fish in these larger ponds only when they surface nearby the edges for us to capture them and quarantine them in one of our ponds for off site care.

We offer suggestions on appropriate types of fish food and this varies according to the type of fish you are raising and the time of year when you are feeding them. There are cold weather feeds that continually meet the dietary needs of fish during cold weather. See our online store for more info and order your supplies today.

A Few Notes about: WATER QUALITY

Ponderiffic Adventures builds every project with water quality in mind. There is nothing worse than a pond, fountain, lake or stream that is overgrown with algae. Past experience has shown that the key to great water quality lays in pond circulation, oxygenation of the water and good construction and design. Very early in the design and consultation stages our sales consultants ask the customer the single most important question in the entire interview,

What level of involvement do you intend to have with your water feature?"

Our sales staff has been trained to ask this special question because we know that water gardening invokes user involvement and hence the word Gardening in water gardening. It is our goal to design a system that meets the customers expectations for maintenance. Because all gardening requires some level of participation by the owner, when we know our customers willingness to participate in this process then we can design a system that best fits the customers needs and abilities.

Designing a water feature that will offer good water quality is simple in most cases. The requirements differ as the pond increases in size as you move from small backyard ponds to lakes and golf course sized water features.

Characteristics or ingredients for great water Quality

Smaller ponds ( 2K gallons or less)

  1. Properly sized circulation pump-typically a submersible. See Aquascapes Aquasurge pumps in our on-line store.
  2. Properly sized filtration and Ultra Violet light (UV) system
  3. Ion-Gen System by Aquascape, available online at our store. Also click here for an informational video.
  4. Healthy plant population
  5. Bacteria and algae control products
  6. Pond skimmer or bottom drain

Lakes and Larger Ponds (10K and larger)

  1. Wetlands filtration system with extensive bog plantings and Wetlands filter media.
  2. Commercial Grade Aeration System capable of moving high volumes of compressed air through self weighted tubing. The compressors for these projects range in size from 1/3 hp to 3 hp or more.
  3. Floating and stationary fountains
  4. Maintenance plan using heterotrophic bacteria and algae controls.